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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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so far, nuclear-generated energy is part of that mix. thanks for joining the conversation this week on your money. we are here saturdays at 1:00 p.m. you can catch christine romans saturday mornings at 9:30 eastern. stay connected 24/7 facebook and twitter. my handle,@ali velshi. have a great weekend. vrkz vikings -- captions by vitac -- people in a devastated japanese town struggling with a heart wrenching dilemma, pick up and leave or try to rebuild. plans for a mosque in the bible belt spark outrage and protest. a california town takes drastic action to close its budget gap. half of its workers are given their walking papers. i'm fredricka whitfield. all that and more straight ahead in this hour of the newsroom. we begin in libya, six large
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explosions and tracer fire could be seen and heard in tripoli a short time ago. we'll go live to cnn's nic robertson in a mom. first nato members just agreed to take over the full scope of the military mission in libya. cnn's paula newton is in brussels. paula. >> reporter: fredricka, this is a significant step for nato. we've done the arms embargo and started take take over on the no-fly zone, this is the crucial stuff, the stuff that can get confusing and murky on the ground about how best to protect civilians. there was a very contentious and heated week in nato. finally some agreement. listen to nato secretary-general. >> this is a very significant state which proves nato's capability to take decisive action. in the past week we have put together a complete package of
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operations in support of united nations resolution. by sea and by air, we already enforcing the arms embargo and no-fly zone. and with today's decision we're going beyond. >> reporter: the united states will now be able to pull back, as president obama had envisioned. that means a lot of the planes in the next few days that the united states have in the air, the kind of leadership role they took in this coalition, all that will end in a matter of days and nato will be taking over. fred. >> paula newton, thanks so much in brussels. appreciate that. meantime, president barack obama will be addressing this nation about libya. cnn's live coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time. the syrian government is taking new steps to respond to violent anti-government protests. a source close to the government says the country's 48-year-old
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state of emergency will be lifted. that law gave the government power to override the constitution. the cabinet is expected to resign and the prosecuted is expected to address his nation in the next few days. despite reports of security forces opening fire on demonstrators, the u.s. draws no parallel to libya. >> what's been happening there the last few weeks is deeply concerning. there is a difference between calling out aircraft and in discriminately stra f'ing and bombing your cities and police actions that would frankly exceed the use of force any of us would want to see. turning to europe, tens of thousands of peaceful protesters protested budget cuts a group of anarchists went on a rampage last night in london according to the daily mirror, in particular, smashed windows,
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threw paint at britain's 2012 olympic countdown clock. more than 80 people were jaurd. operators of japan's nuclear plant reported the radiation level is still high but not as high as first feared. the original reading put it at 10 million times higher than normal. the new test reduces it to 100,000 times higher than normal. high radiation readings are impacting how workers handle work in japan. nine workers at the fukushima plant received dangerous doses of radiation. three workers hospitalized last week after stepping in a contaminated puddle. they are expected to be released tomorrow. former president carter is heading to cuba at the invitation of the president. it's his first in nine years.
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he'll meet w with president castro to discuss bilateral ties. check in with the "weather center." we are talking about some incredibly nasty weather that swept a good part of the nation. california, mudslides, heavy rain. in the south there was even hail. look at all those images right there. >> let's talk about the mud slights in california. this has been a big deal, fredricka. san pablo, california, several homes at risk. this is an area that's seen sliding in the past and real worried that a couple of homes certainly could go in the next couple of days. people have been evacuated there. in big sur, big highway 1 that goes through there, in cassel, mud and rock slides closed down part of that highway. they are letting a few people in at various times throughout the day as that risk remains high. let's talk about that snow you see there in st. louis. hello, six inches, the end of march. what you want to hear. the snow yesterday, still remain
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bitterly cold. should be 40 this time of year. freeze warnings in effect tomorrow morning. we saw that flooding in minnesota in haitianings, a suburb of st. paul. they have been sandbagging. more than 1,000 people came out and filled up sandbags. where the mississippi rises there, should be cresting on thursday. all right above flood stage and will get worse in the upcoming days. let's talk about the severe weather threat. this has been a big deal across the southeast this weekend. a little rotation yesterday with minor damage. about four tornadoes touched down in alabama and georgia. today our primary threat is hail. that's why you see the yellow box instead of the red box. severe thunderstorms are expected in this area. don't be surprised if you get an isolated tornado warning or two. this is the line we're real concerned about here. any time you see some of these purples in the returns, that's indicative that we have high reflectivity, hail coming down. ice reflects higher than liquid raindrops as they continue to
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come down. what a difference in the temperatures. you don't have to be a meteorologist today to figure out where the cold front is. look at this, 59 in atlanta. 88 in jacksonville. you know something in this area is going to be giving and popping. there's also a lot of lightning associated with this. even if your sirens aren't going off, you really need to stay indoors today. lightning, of course, very, very dangerous. let's go and talk a little about the split in temperatures. zonal flow traveling west to east, storms travel within this track. everything on the northern tier very, very cool. everything on the south very, very warm. unfortunately just a sliver. not very many people getting in on the warm. we're going to stay cool across parts of the north. travel hasn't been too bad. worst delay philadelphia, 45 minutes. notice florida delays, these are volume delays. i'm thinking to myself, why would that be? >> because the weather is so lovely and everyone wants to get there. >> spring break, that's got to
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be it. i know there's some races going on this weekend as well. that could have something to do with it. >> tennis action in florida as well. there you go. we've answered it. we wondered and we just brain stormed and there it will be. all right, thanks, jackie. >> sure. feeling the sting of the economy, one city sends out pink slips to half of the workers. that is coming up. [ male announcer ] nature is unique... pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural.
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move over, wisconsin. there's a new battleground pitting unions against communities trying to balance a of budget. it's costa mesa, california. last week nearly half the city's workers got laid off notices, pink slips. the move stunned union leaders and workers. one city employee apparently jumped to his death just hours after the notices went out. a member of the costa mesa city council joins us and the only one that voted against the layoffs. wendy, you said you think the city council acted recklessly. what makes you say that and how did it come to this? >> well, it came to this because the rest of the council believes pension reform can begin in costa mesa. yes, we do have a pension problem all over the country and in california and cities and counties. but to not have a plan and to
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just arbitrarily issue pink slips to 200 of our employees is reckless and irresponsible. as an elected officials i believe we are to do our homework on the front end. outsourcing isn't necessarily always a good way to save money. if you don't have the economy of scale, you may end up spending a lot more money because you have to manage all of those people that you're charging to do the job that our city workers did. >> some of the city councilmembers said outsourcing is going to be the solution to save money. and we're also going to lay off these 200 or so people. what were the jobs -- what do you know about these employees, these 200 employees, who they are and what they represent in terms of what they brought to the table as employees of this city? >> well, that's a good question. it's 18 departments. the majority -- at the top of the list, unfortunately are our firefighters.
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so about 80 firefighters, and the rest are tree trimmers and secretaries and public works maintenance people, mechanics, graffiti department, a lot of just general employees plus the firefighters. and for two years that i've been a little bit more on the city council, we have been working with a very, very good relationship with our employee groups. they have begun to pay a portion of their retirement and their benefits. and so to just have this wholesale transformation of our workforce is causing great instability in our city right now. and especially when you talk about buyer and safety with police officers. many, many residents are very concerned that the quality of life they have enjoyed for many years -- i've been a resident nearly 40 years -- is at stake
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and in jeopardy. our public safety services are in jeopardy by this reckless move. >> so included here firefighters, tree trimmers, secretary, mechanics, many of whom live right there in costa mesa. so if they lose their job. they are not able to pay their rent, take advantage of all the services costa mesa has. can't pay their mortgages. has that argument been made to a lot of the other city councilmembers on board with this, that this will be another type of deterioration of the city? >> right. not only in the quality of our services. but the real argument, as you see what is happening in wisconsin, there's in ideology at work here that believes that one city can be the petrey dish or point of the spear for local pension reform. i oppose that. that is irresponsible governance. it's wrong to think that one city can take on this assignment
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of outsourcing and getting rid of workers who have pensions and not have some kind of suffering and destabilizing of their community. we have a great economic base in costa mesa. one of the largest shopping centers, south coast plaza. we have a vibrant community. we're coming back very slowly. we're in budget discussions right now. this is just bad planning and poor forethought. >> i wonder, wend y, because i'm running out of time. many people got our pink slips last week. it means their jobs are dissolved, go away come fall. is there any other recourse. might something happen between now and the fall that maybe these people can think maybe i'm not really losing my job. i might be able to hold onto it in some way. >> actually, i just talked to our city manager and asked him to put out a notice for those who would be outsourced, they would have the option of being hired by that company that's doing the outsourcing at the state level in our legislature
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there could be some pension reform. and we're working with other cities on principles where we can all take the step of reforming piensions at the same time. >> good luck, nobody wants anybody to lose their jobs. certainly a lot at stake in costa mesa. appreciate that, appreciate your time. >> thank you. i want to take you back overseas to tripoli. another night of explosions taking place right now shaking the city. we also understand there's the sound of gunfire in lots of ways. our senior international correspondent nic robertson back with us now. can we still hear the gunfire or even these anti-aircraft missiles? >> reporter: well, fredricka, just as you were speaking we heard some more anti-aircraft gunfire spark up there. it just seemed to be quite a short burst. it's been fairly quiet in the last two hours since those six heavy, heavy explosions that all
4:17 pm
came within about a minute of each other, heavy anti-aircraft gunfire after that. we haven't heard six loud explosions come so close together before. that was something new for the city. that burst of anti-aircraft gunfire not clear why that was. certainly the city is bracing for the potential of more strikes tonight, fredricka. >> how about general citizens in tripoli? what have people been saying to you over the past 24-hour period? is anyone responding to nato now being in control of this coalition force, this military operation? >> we just heard in the last couple of minutes there will be a government press conference here. so perhaps we're going to hear a little more about the government's response to this new decision by nato. we may hear more about what the government has to say because they have been silent for 24 hours now about this rapid rebel
4:18 pm
advance across the country. we were out on the streets here in the capital just a few hours ago. there are huge lines of people lining up for gas here half a mile long, cars waiting to get on the the court and fill up the pumps there. gas stations telling us they are running out of gas. the government blames this on the embargo impacting the country. everyone thinks of libya as having its own oil reserves in fact the company imports its fuel oil. that is beginning to run out. people telling us they are worried about what's coming in the coming days. we've also heard from gadhafi's hometown on the coast, next big targets for the rebels, people and army fleeing away from the capital, fredricka. >> hangs so much, nic robertson joining us from tripoli. appreciate that. we'll have much more from the newsroom right after this. which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super.
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all right. if you're out of work or looking for a job, guess what, you may have to update your resume. here to help us along right now is career coach joining us from new york. people become very married to their resume thinking if it worked for me 10 years ago, it will work for me now. you say it's time to make it computer friendly. in what way? >> about 80% of organizations both large and small are now
4:22 pm
using tracking systems. this means you don't want to have any kind of overstylized formats, no water marks. if you have it on there you might choke. they call it choking the applicant tracking system. you don't want to do that. the other things that's most important, you want to be sure the key words, most important key words in the job description are embedded in your resume. that's so critical. >> that will be the interpretation? >> you do. you want to customize it marks sure the key words are there, become part of the applicant pool. the ats can read your resume. >> does that bring us to how your resume becomes human friendly? the folks reading it want to see those common denominators are there, you all are on the same page about the kind of job
4:23 pm
you're seeking? >> so those recruiters, those hiring managers, they have a stack of resumes in front of them. they are going to be spending seconds, not minutes, but seconds trying to determine whether you're a great candidate. you want to make it really easy for them. you can't them to read very quickly you are a great match. your capabilities, competencies, you want them to pop out of your resume. the other thing, also so very important, you don't want to just list what you've done. you want to list the accomplishments you've achieved in either your current job or past job. so you're a great job plus you'll bring a lot to this organization. both of those are so important. >> then you say before you even send it out, you want to somehow interact with that recruiter. what sort of things will you be asking about, if you're lucky enough to have that sort of face time or talk time with them? >> even before under the circumstances that face time, you want to be sure your recruiter is reading your resume
4:24 pm
in a way that makes them want to bring you in. so do some real basic things. take out your resume and call your phone number. call your phone number. listen to that outgoing message and make sure it sounds very professional. the other thing you're going to want to do is read your e-mail address, so lots of people have cute and funny and clever and witty e-mail addresses but they are not very professional. so very critical. make sure your e-mail address is just your first name, last name or just last name. keep it simple. >> i misinterpreted that. you're kind of posing as that recruiter, quizzing yourself to see how prepared or how you are going to convey yourself to that perspective employer. >> right. interact with your resume like they will interact with it. all of that is so important now. >> everybody can use all the help they can get. a scary time for a lot of
4:25 pm
people. paula, thank you very much. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. people in this japanese town have more than jobs to worry about. >> translator: i lost everything, she says. her grandparents and her home. there's nothing left in her hometown and no one to lead the rebuilding. >> some plan to go back to their town even though it is not livable. that's straight ahead. ♪ [ female announcer ] when you smile, the world smiles back.
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the libya military mission
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is now a nato mission. all 28 members of the alliance voted to support protecting civilians. the coalition has been leading airstrikes for the last week. the first flight under nato command could happen as soon as tomorrow. on the ground in libya, the decent into civil war began with an uprising similar to what happened in egypt or tunisia. here is cnn's chris lawrence. >> reporter: fbi 15t -- februar 15th, hundreds take to the streets to protest moammar gadhafi's record on human rights. they meet these protesters with violence. by week's end medical sources tell cnn well over 200 people have been killed. over the next few weeks, calls for the u.s. to take action. >> i think that a no-fly zone and other actions could be taken
4:29 pm
that hopefully would prevent further massacre of libyan civilians. >> the obama administration freeze billions of libyan assets, impose sanctions. president obama wants international agreement on military action. >> we're going to have to continue to apply pressure. that's why i say we have not taken any options off the table at this point. >> march 17th, u.n. security council votes to stop the gadhafi regime. in benghazi libyan rebels celebrate with fireworks and gunfire. gadhafi calls them traitors. the fighting continues. street by street, block by block. president obama makes it clear america's involvement comes with limits. >> the united states is not going to deploy ground troops into libya. and we are not going to use
4:30 pm
force to go beyond a well-defined goal. >> hours later the coalition attack begins. french warplanes strike forces near benghazi in eastern libya. from the mediterranean sea, u.s. and british navy's unleash more than 100 tomahawk cruise missiles, destroying more than 20 air defense stations along libya's northern coast. >> i want to stress, however, this is just the first phase of what will likely be a multi-phase operation. >> other targets are hit. reinforced air force hang ars and military installations, troops advancing on benghazi and then in tripoli a building in gadhafi's own compound. >> a lot of anger that this building has been pent inside a compound that the pentagon earlier said wasn't a targets. >> reporter: then midweek, a franc event for the coalition. >> this here is the wreckage of the american f-15 fighter jet
4:31 pm
that crashed after experiencing a mechanical failure. we're around an hour's drive east of benghazi. >> both crewmen ejected safely from the f-15. it took more than nine aircraft, a platoon of marines and a group of friendly libyan rebels to get them back into u.s. hands. by week's end the u.s. role in air patrols had been handed off to allies. >> some 75% of the combat air patrol missions in support of the no-fly zone are now executed by partners. on sunday that figure was less than 10%. >> but it continues to perform refueling and surveillance and still conducts the majority of targeted strikes at gadhafi's ammo, tanks and troops. at least 12 nations are in the fight. gadhafi's air force all but destroyed. the fighting on the ground continues. gadhafi himself still defiant. chris lawrence, cnn, washington.
4:32 pm
our top stories right now syria taking steps to respond to violent anti-protests. a source close to the government says the country's 48-year-old state of emergency will be lifted. that law gave the government power to overi'd the constitution. the cabinet is expected to resign and the president is expected to address his nation in the next few days. operators of japan's crippled nuclear plant say the spike in radiation levels they reported earlier was wrong. the radiation level is still extremely high. an incorrect report put the reading at 10 times higher than normal but a new test reduced it to 100,000 times higher than normal. more than two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami hit japan we're still getting fright think new images. these pictures similar to
4:33 pm
pictures you've seen slamming into coastal fishing village towns taking away everything in its path. one japanese town was reduced to rubble. then the rubble burned. people are deciding whether to leave the pain and loss behind them or to stay and rebuild and fight. here is cnn's ken law. >> reporter: the view of the town stops you in your tracks. everywhere you look, the improbable, the unsalvageable. much of the town of 16,000 reduced to this. first the earthquake and tsunami, then a gas explosion followed, which burned through what was left. in the past of destruction, the city hall. after the earthquake the mayor rushed out of the building and set up a command post right in front of city hall. as the tsunami was approaching, then he and members of this
4:34 pm
government evacuated to the second floor. the tsunami, though, came as high as that clock. it killed the mayor and more than half of this town's leaders are missing. even as they grieve for their own city workers do what they can to help victims, the living bearing the burden of picking up what's left. half the city's residents are either dead, missing or homeless. all the town's history washed away except for sparse mementos collected from the wreckage. the government they rely on barely there moving more slowly than anywhere in the tsunami zone. victims left to plead for help. national leaders visiting the town. >> i believe that the people who are living in this prefecture based on this miserable situation but they will recover. >> you believe it in your heart? >> i believe it. >> reporter: easier said than
4:35 pm
done says ayano okubo. i lost everything, she says, her grandparents and her home. there's no one left in the town and no one to lead the building. even though i like the town, she says, i can't come back here. you can see the survivors making the choice. leave or like this man, stay. he lost his parents, his house, his job, and most of the city. >> translator: i have a lot of friends afraid to stay, but i won't leave. >> reporter: a city trying to mend. the tools to get it done as broken as the terrain. cnn, japan. the music group, the black eyed peas are dedicating their latest video "just can't get enough" to japan. they were in tokyo a week before the deadly earthquake and tsunami hit. and they are asking fans to help
4:36 pm
in this impact your world. >> i was just blown away, because we were just there. we were just with friends there in japan walking around filming our video in the beautiful streets of tokyo. ♪ i just can't get enough >> 1999, we first went there we fell in love with japan. >> i want to encourage everybody to help out. >> let's take care of those who lost family members, those children who are out there stranded and have lost their parents. this video is now dedicated to japan and all of its beauty and its people. >> for more ways to help, cnn is launching a new high-tech way for smartphone users around the world to take immediate action. scan this image to load our impact your world website. there you will find links to charities helping disaster victims in japan. no smartphone?
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you can also get to our impact your world website the old-fashioned way, of course. go to your computer and type what does it take to fly? it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us. but if you run before the wind you can't take off. you've got to turn into it. the thing you push against lifts you up. so, every challenge is a chance to show that even in this crazy world of no liquids and route cancellations someone still has the passenger's back. and along the way we'll prove we're not just building a bigger airline we're building a better one. by constantly re-imagining and reinventing technology, they help people connect in ways never before possible. and by choosing the new york stock exchange to accelerate their business.
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time for a cnn equals politics update. keeping an eye on headlines at the cnn desk. here is what's crossing right now. members of congress returned to capitol hill this week after taking a week off in their home states. topping their agenda, hammering out a budget to keep the government running. federal funding runs out in less than two weeks. congresswoman michele bachmann dropping more hints about running for president. the minnesota republican is in the process of skporg a presidential committee. at a conference in iowa she definitely sounded like a candidate. >> america has decided they are in for 2012. that's my question to you today here in iowa. are you in? are you in for 2012? hu in? are you going to make it happen? are we going to take our country back? i agree with you.
4:41 pm
i say we do. i'm in. you're in. we will take this back in 2012. >> president barack obama outlines his strategy in libya tomorrow night at the national defense in washington. national coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. for the latest political news you know where to go,
4:42 pm
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maybe you've already begun your commute to work, back to work already. jackie in the "weather center." you want to know what you're going to encounter weather wise. >> absolutely. some people are going to have airport delays they are going to have to deal w also you've got that big morning commute you might have to leave early especially if you live in the pacific northwest or southeast. those are the two big areas we're focusing on for that commute where we expect to have trouble. we have current delays right now. 15 departure delays out of atlanta, palm beach, 30 minutes, mostly because of low clouds in atlanta. this will stick around through tomorrow with thunderstorms and showers. this is the busiest airport in the world. the morning commute will go slower.
4:45 pm
get up early. it's going to be cloudy, foggy and roadways are going to be on the slick side. here is where the thunderstorms are at this hour. a new watch in effect along i-10 corridor. we think i-10 will be a problem area tomorrow as well with showers and thundershowers triggering. keep that for the morning and afternoon drug. this is that focus in the southeast, nashville, charlotte, atlanta, as we mentioned. the florida area will have problems of the wet weather across the pacific northwest. you're drying out. this is good news. part of highway 1 is closed down around big sur because of the slide. great weather around the southwest. we're going to be heating up, pushing 90 a week from now in arizona. that's a little bit of good news for you. overall not terrible in the northeast. one other note, though, it's going to be windy. a lot of times we'll get delays at laguardia and newark when those get too strong. >> that seems to be on a sunday. >> sunny out, though.
4:46 pm
>> all right, i like it. thanks so much, jackie. >> sure. >> on the international front, now. a woman is becoming the face of the civil war in libya. she claims she was raped by gadhafi forces and taken away.
4:47 pm
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rebel fighters are continuing their push westward and appear to have taken control of oil cities. six loud explosions have been reported in libya's capital of tripoli. we still don't know the location or condition of that frantic woman who begged reporters in libya in tripoli in particular, to hear her story of brutality and sexual assault. it was all captured on camera, her account to journalists. here is senior international correspondent nic robertson. >> reporter: she came to tell her story to the only people she thought would listen, international journalists in a hotel.
4:50 pm
she calls out, why don't you treat us the same. she claims to have been picked up at a government checkpoint, tied, beaten, and raped. look at what gadhafi brigades did to me. my honor was violated by them. it's the first time anyone here has dared challenge gadhafi's region camera. cnn's camera man was there and so was journalist jonathan miller. >> she was -- she had clearly been injured. there were marks on her face. she showed us marks on her leg as well. she said her wrists were bound to her ankles and that she had been raped. >> but barely had reporters begun asking her questions than government officials known as
4:51 pm
minders started grabbing her, pulling her away. one minder pulled a handgun. journalists were beaten. cnn's camera was violently snatched away and systematically smashed. our footage taken. >> we took the woman to one side of the table and closed the table off again to try to intervene between the minders and her. they came over the table and around and wrestled me and others to the ground throwing punches, being quite violent. >> reporter: in another brazen display of brutality much feared by regime opponents and seen by reporters a bag is put over her head as she is taken away. >> are you okay? >> no.
4:52 pm
no. >> reporter: a little later she was manhandled out of the hotel. screaming it seemed for her life. if you don't see me tomorrow, then that's it, she was shouting. journalists protesting her treatment getting in the way. but to no avail. bundled into a car against her will, she was sped away. her last words, she was being taken to jail. officials said she was insane, that she was taken to a hospital. we asked to see her to make sure she was okay. then we were told she was, in fact, sane. she was being held at a police facility. that she was safe and well, that we might see her in a few days. we've heard that before. nic robertson, cnn, tripoli, libya. >> libya, tunisia, egypt plus
4:53 pm
numerous other countries in turmoil. how it all started. watch uprising, region in revolt tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. also tonight on cnn, how some people in a tennessee town react when an islamic mosque is being built. we'll have a preview next. even though i'm a great driver, and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits, so you can save money.
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4:56 pm
new islamic center were unveiled. soledad o'brien explains in her documentary "unwelcome, the muslims next door." >> reporter: construction was barely under way when members of the congregation received disturbing news. a fire in the middle of the night had damaged equipment at the construction site. >> the site, why, what did we do? >> reporter: a day later, leaders of the congregation came to assess the damage. it was interrupted by gunfire. >> yes. yeah. do you hear that?
4:57 pm
murfreesboro, tennessee. >> i'm not understanding. >> that's what they are trying, a terrorist act. >> i heard a very loud shot from this way. >> want me to go up there and check for you. >> yeah. >> it could very well be hunters but we're going to check it out. we've got plenty of guys in the area. we'll make sure we document your concerns. >> thank you very much. we're grateful. >> appreciate it. >> this whole issue. >> two worlds, two truths, does freedom of religion.
4:58 pm
unwelcomed, the muslims next door aired tones at 8:00 eastern time. we begin this hour in libya where nato has agreed to take over the military mission. all 28 member nations of the alliance agreed today to support the u.n. security council's resolution to protect libyan civilian. the first flight under nato command could happen as soon as tomorrow. take a listen to this. that is the sound of anti-aircraft gunfire streaking the sky in tripoli, unclear whether it has anything to do with that announcement about that move about nato. our nic robertson says it started about an hour ago. he felt at least six large explosions in the city. he says tripoli is clearly bracing for more airstrikes. president barack obama will address this nation tomorrow
4:59 pm
night on the military operation in libya. more details from sandra endo in washington. what more do we know about what the president is likely to say? >> reporter: fredricka we know president obama is set to deliver that speech tomorrow night regarding the conflict in libya. he's expected to lay out the goals of the mission and give an update as to how it stands now. the president is facing criticism over getting involved in the conflict in the first place and lawmakers from both parties question the lack of congressional consultation and the price tag of the effort. today on the morning political talk shows, secretary of state hillary clinton defended the president's decision to join the international coalition. >> i think we prevented a great humanitarian disaster, which is always hard to point to something that didn't happen. but i believe we did. now we're beginning to see because of the good work of the


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